OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer

  • ACCURATE 3D SENSOR calculates your steps while Walking, Running or Jogging. Helping you improve your Health, by Encouraging you to increase your daily Steps.
  • EASY TO READ Large display screen with a clock makes it the perfect fitness monitor for men, women, seniors, the elderly & kids.
  • EASY TO USE / PROGRAM; It doesn’t require a computer, bluetooth or smartphone to operate. It auto-resets at Midnight so you start fresh daily and includes a 7 Day Memory Log to recall past day’s performance with ease.
  • SILENT & EASY TO HIDE in a pocket, bag, purse or clip on your waist, belt or bra. Its small size makes it comfortable to wear with all types of clothing.
  • A SMART ACTIVITY TRACKER that makes it easy to achieve your exercise goals by tracking your steps, distance traveled in Miles or Km, calories burned, speed / pace and activity time each day.


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